AI DMing

Wasn’t really looking for it, but I found some personality A.I. characters, and some of them are setup to run RPG games. It’s cute and amateurish, and felt a little bit like playing with a well read, unprepared, first time GM using no-rules freeform playground style, but it was also a little entertaining. Novel, yes, but not sustainable or memorable, yet.



Players are ingenuous, AI is not, pure and simple. A next step sandbox video game.

Remember GIGO.

Looks like fun for a minute as far as the ability to generate a politically correct chatbot with the vague feel of a personality goes. At least it’s not like the unity plugin inworld, you have to pay after you use your free hour a month of use for developing ai gaming npc’s.

I think the greater value in AI would be for VTTs supporting games with a tactical component. If I can set the minor NPCs on auto pilot for combat and just have to worry about major NPCs, I think it could speed things up quite a bit. Even using it to procedurally generate scenarios and automatically construct the map/token layout for would be a useful automation.

More advanced solutions could also provide guidance for those who are less comfortable with tactical thinking, but the resource investment probably makes that impractical.

I can see a use to fill in things like marketplaces in cities. “Give me five taverns” and such. Having done cities it is getting the right shops in the right places and you need a lot of them.

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