AI as a GMing assistant

In a Pinch

As far as I can tell, even though they’re getting closer, the AIs are not yet ready to GM, but they can assist in a pinch.

If you have at your disposal an A.I. (artificial intelligence) you can chat with, you have a kind of leverage for your role as a GM. Don’t rely on AIs too much, because you don’t know if they’ll be there for you.
But a little bit of coaxing goes a long way.

Need a quick list of magic items?

List magic items in a fantasy setting that I might find in an artificer’s lab?

Need directions to somewhere?

I’m the green rider-hood. I lost the breadcrumbs due to hungry birds. And I need directions to grandma wolf’s house.

Other useful prompts…

Generate NPCs:

Please generate a gruff dwarf NPC for my fantasy RPG. Include a name, physical description, backstory, personality traits, and anything else that would be useful for roleplaying them.

Create custom locations/scenes:

I need a vivid description of an ancient ruined temple overrun by vegetation for my adventure. Please generate details about the architecture, statues, plant growth, smells, lighting, and atmosphere.

Improvise dialog:

The guard NPC wants to prevent the adventurers from entering the city gate without permission. Generate a short natural conversation where he questions them.

Generate plot hooks/quests:

Can you come up with 3 interesting plot hook ideas I could present to the adventuring party for their next quest? The setting is medieval fantasy.

Add details:

To add immersion, can you describe the bustling crowd and smells of the marketplace the players are walking through right now?

Improvise content:

The players wander into a part of the forest I didn’t prep for. Can you quickly generate descriptions of what they see around them?

If you use Bard, keep your conversation short, because Bard has a hard time keeping track of who said what in a conversation. and ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0 have worked well on the fly.

We’ll have to wait.

I’m guessing at this point that an AI with a quantum computer core dedicated to GMing could do it well.

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