Advanced Tiny Dungeons from Gallant Knight Games

If you want a Tiny D6 game that has a bit more grit and bite, this is the game for you. They took the Tiny D6 rules and added things like AC, XP, traits, and different classes. They even intentionally went with a retro style in layout and artwork.
The introduction gives some rule basics before going into converting from regular Tiny Dungeons. Magic is handled using a special trait, mainly spell reader and spell-touched. There are 12 heritages one can play, including: barbarian, goblin, minotaur, and satyr; each with a starting HP level and AC. The classes section is where things get more interesting. There are 15 classes which include the basics, but also includes: swashbuckler, shaman, crusader, battle mage, and dark paladin.
The use of runes is an optional ruleset, and one set of rules that is separate from the Optional Rules chapter. We’re also introduced to magical disciplines, mainly in the form of elemental and poison magic. Martial disciplines include their own form of elemental disciplines as well as animal disciplines.
In reference to adventure growth, you do receive XP, to the tune of ~4 per session and level up every 10 points. You also receive new traits and improvements as you level up. The GM Section fives all the needed information, including how to incorporate traps to the game, enemies and other baddies as well. The optional rules section includes combat related information, adventurer options, and 12 new heritages. There’s even a section for ship and mount rules. Lastly, a sample adventure is included, as is a micro-settling.
DTRPG shows a price of $14.99 for the PDF, $24.99 for the softbound version, and $29.99 for the combo as of 12/25/2022.

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