AD&D 2e Dark Sun (Discord PBP)

About the Game

Tell us about your game, the system you use, the play style (story focused, combat heavy, etc).
The game is a newly launching 2nd Edition AD&D campaign set on Athas, the world of Dark Sun, that will be run as a PBP on Discord. I will endeavor to provide a good mixture of content to satisfy all play styles, but this is definitely not a hack & slash game. The adventure, almost entirely original, will begin in the city-state of Balic, a mercantile city by the Silt Sea. DM me for more information. Join us.

When We Play

Tell us what days you play and how often. Are there special attendance requirements?
The game is Play by Post meaning that play will be asynchronous. I anticipate the primary story to be updated on a weekly basis, with other threads being resolved more quickly. A small amount of experience is awarded for meaningful engagement.