Actual Play Writeups - Elthos RPG

For some years now I have been creating actual play writeups of my games. The way I have done it is to record each session, and then afterwords write up the adventures in prose form with the actual dialog and narrative from the games, keeping as faithful as possible to what was actually said and done by the characters, while adding a few narrative flourishes to make the reading more enjoyable, as well as suitable commentary from the GM slipped in here and there, along with hints and clues for the astute reader and my players.

Over the years this body of work has accumulated into a large volume of material. It may be of interest to other Gamemasters, and general readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Approximately every two weeks I add the next episode, provided that we played that session. If not, I may add a bit of artwork from the game, or perhaps some related material. Here is the Table of Contents for those who might find this of interest:

I would be happy for any comments people may have on the material, and in particular suggestions as to what else I might do with it, and especially if anyone has an interest in helping with this project in any way.

In any case, I hope people will enjoy poking around through these stories. They’re really rather wondrous, in my humble opinion. :slight_smile: