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Musings of an Old Grognard

Wherein I shall ramble in a semi-coherent fashion about how I see the state of the RPG hobby, the history of same, or how my cats are doing. Cats are always on topic.

  • Old School people can hang out and edjumacate them youngins, or something like that, or cats.

  • It has a really old guy more or lass waving the baton. The main rules being be Excellent to each other, and don’t make me make a rule. And don’t forget cats.

  • What should topics in this category generally contain? Words. I highly recommend words, preferably in coherent sentences in English.

  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory? Not with all the grumbling and cats.

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My advice is to write about the old days as we’re going to start getting fewer in number in the next decade or so.


Sobering, but true. I nearly lost me to a serious infection last December. It would have heavily impacted my participation now.

I’m glad you’re fine today.


The world (& hobby) would be a better place.


I’m not sure how the “blog” functionality works in this formum system, but it seems that you have a soapbox - you might as well climb up and start rambling. I might even ramble responses to your ramblings (although I’m not quite ready to attach the prefix “old” to my grodnardness yet as I’ve only been in this hobby about 40 years).

Personally, I’m always interested in hearing about how people came into this hobby prior to the internet, Youtube, and the current mass of pop culture D&D references. It was just a few shadows short of a secret society when I started - and that was in a city hat actually had more then one dedicated game stores.

…then there are those back in the days where finding your hobby in a dim and dusty corner of a comic book store was the only option…

Hobby Kingdom springs to mind. In the back room of Cimic Kingdom. Bloody clean across town too.

And I will ramble to you rambling about rambling. “Old” is a journey, I never plan on quite getting there. Unless by some wonder I get to oldest man on Earth there is always someone to point to and say “They are old”