A Litte Geeking Out Time

My new laptop, first in 16 years. 12 core i5 1335u, eight gig ram, 1tb hard drive.

The old Thinkpad T61 is showing sharp signs of becoming a brick. This is a 16 inch Thinkpad E16 gen 1. I pulled the windows drive for a 1 terabyte drive I installed Linux OpenSUSE leap 15.5 on. I’m massaging that to where I want it.

And am pissed at the number of things in the bios I had to turn off labeled “security” in order to install Linux. Security? Yea, security for mickysoft.

And a modern hard drive. They took the SSD works and removed the legacy 2.5 inch case. No cables, plugs right in the motherboard. Don’t be fooled. The 1tb is in the computer, this is 0.5tb that came out. Heavily infected with a virus.


Guess I should have read this post before posting. 16 years is quite the lifetime for a laptop.

“It’s not dead yet!” as the old man would say. You can use it plugged in. The battery will not change. The fix is a new system board, not that pricey, but you NEED the part number. T-61s are not a single thing. I have two. They do not match in anything but case size.