A Gimp

Not the extremely useful image editing tool, me. I have my right hand in a splint after ligament reconstruction surgery. Typing is difficult. I’m not doing much.

The awkward title is because you can’t have a four letter title it seems. Rather arbitrary.

How long is your hand expected to be tied up? I hope it’s not too long for you, and that the surgery actually did the job.

I’ll know more when I see the Doctor Tuesday.

I’ve started physical therapy, Hopefully I’ll be back to full participation soon.

Good to hear. Don’t skimp on the therapy, doing those exercises can make a big difference in how much function you get back.

Well i want to play violin again.

I’m sure you could play it right now. Probably not very easily, or well, but I’m sure we can find someone to call it playing. :slight_smile:

Can’t play if you can’t hold the bow.

I know how, but I’m effectively starting over.

Must be frustrating! Hang in there. If you accept such sentiments, my prayers include asking for your healing and recovery.

It is appreciated. The splint has been discharged so I can get back to fairly normal typing.

Hope your recovery goes well. I had stitches on a knuckle after a bike accident recently. Still can’t quite make a fist with that hand but it is getting better.

I’ve gotten to the point I can touch my pinky and thumb…kinda. I’ve a lot of recovery to do. I’ve had my hand geometry changed. I have to adapt that to my normal way of doing things.

Typing at least is back to my usual not so great. On the very good side the constant pain I was dealing with is gone.

I have been there after an accident and reconstruction of my fret hand, and am playing the guitar and bass again, Tesrai! That physical therapy made all the difference! Good luck with it! I hope to hear your play again!