A Diogo Nogueira Trilogy by Old Skull Publishing with GKG

This is a group at a glance of 3 RPG’s by Diogo Nogueira did on Kickstarter with Gallant Knight Games acting as publisher. Got the games, PDF and Print, for $15 each, with the subject matter being different.

So the rules are pretty minimal and easy to go through. Character creation is first. There are 3 attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Willpower. Roll 2d6+3 3 times, and swap any two. Next, roll 1d6 for HP. In this series of games, this how much damage you can take before getting wounded. They get resources, a background, and equipment. Rolls are quick for details, improving the character, and naming them.
The remaining rules flesh out the world, which all follow the same physics while following the same set of rules.

The Dead are Coming is a post-apocalyptic, zombie survival game. The world went horrifically wrong, and you try to stay alive. As of 12/21/2022, the PDF is $9.99; softcover is $19.99; with a combo of $20.99, with the original being $29.98, for a 45 page zine.
Screams is a space horror survival game (a la Alien, Event Horizon, etc.). You try to stay alive to collect your share. The PDF (as of 12/21/2022) ia $9.99; the softcover is $19.99; with the combo being $26.49, and an original price being $29.98.
This is a cyberpunk game. The main difference with this game from the others is it’s all about time. Your HP is how many days you live, and you gain and lose time as transactions. The PDF (as of 12/21/2022) is $9.99; the softbound is $19.99; and the combo is $20.99, with the original being $29.98.

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