1e Pathfinder game set on Greyhawk

I’m looking for 1 or 2 players for an online game I run on Skype every other Saturday starting at 1pm CST. The system is PF1e, the setting is Greyhawk. Characters are currently 11th level. A mix of dungeon delving, rolrplaying and epic story telling.

Are you still looking for players? I am available. You haven’t mentioned anything about character classes, alignments, etc. Is there anything that your group is lacking?

I’ve got a character already written up. I’ll have to level her up a bit to match the rest of your party though. She’s currently 7th level.

She’s an alu-fiend tantrist. Her body is her spellbook, for she carves runes into her skin to represent each spell that she knows. She prepares her daily spells through coitus. As such, she has a loyal bodyguard/lover who follows her everywhere. He’s a 5th level two handed warrior verbeeg, and a former gladiator. While he’s technically not a cohort, I wrote him up using cohort rules. Because of the higher power levels of both of these characters, I will probably just increase the tantrists level to 10, and the verbeegs level to 8.

Would this be an okay addition to your group? Or would you like me to make something else?


Sorry, our groip is currently full.

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