OSR, what is it and is anyone really playing it?

You feel they’re important. You.
OSR players and referees feel it’s important to disregard balance in favor of challenge and verisimilitude. It’s not just nostalgia. So now you know better, right?

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@Haronniin, I really like the Character Sheet for Basic Fantasy. Character dies, you roll up another one in 5-10 min.

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When it comes to the TSR D&D/AD&D it was all done under the auspices of Gary. Yes, even AD&D 2E was begun by Gary before he was forced out of the company.

D&D Basic was a very different beast from AD&D in that it was more free formed on what characters can do. AD&D was more regimented with more advanced rules including the use of skills. Both have their own unique flavors.

I did and that was because we didn’t have The Player Handbook series splatbooks or the DM refused to let people play the kits. Everyone in the group knew what their roles were. Could a fighter use Cure Light Wounds or cast Magic Missile? No, that’s because those were only for priests and wizards. The same with lockpicking etc…

Assassins in 2E was every class. It was a bonus if the character learned Herbalism in order to craft poisons which could be done at level 1. Also, assassins are evil and were approved of by the DM.

I don’t understand why you are rejecting what other people are telling ya man. We’ve all have our ideas on what is OSR and modern balance has nothing to do with it.

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Clearly, I seem to not be able to see eye-to-eye with OSR’s self-appointed rep.

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the free module.

Also, the comics feature amazing artwork.


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Hilarious straw man you built there.
I played strait thieves, lots of people played strait thieves. Few said why and why would they? For me, it was fun and what I wanted to do that campaign or that adventure. Niches are what happened as a result of people wanting to be the consistent damage dealers, heavy artillery, healers, or trap-handling scouts; fulfilling niches wasn’t the goal in and of itself (and its strange that you seem to think someone said it was).

The more I’m reading from you this thread, the more convinced I am that maybe you shouldn’t be involved in OSR stuff. That’s cool man, if you like 5e and think it’s so superior I’ve no quarrel. I myself don’t like 5e and can nitpick that game all day. I wouldn’t dump on it in a place where fans were discussing it though.

Nobody’s claiming that, either. You have two guys giving their opinions and that’s it. What is wrong with you?


I don’t understand why you are rejecting what other people are telling ya man. We’ve all have our ideas on what is OSR and modern balance has nothing to do with it

What do you feel I’m rejecting?

You asked for people’s opinions on what OSR means to them. We gave your opinion and now you’ve refused to listen. You are now being passive-aggressive and building strawmen to argue against.

It takes both sides to want to see eye to eye which we have met you half way.

I did not pos this thread.

I did give away a free download of my product which promoted a discussion for which I am seeking to extricate myself.

What was your purpose in posting this thread? Did you want to learn?

I replied on the sole basis of sharing what it was like to play old school since I’m 53 and started with AD&D 1E back in 1984. I provided my insight into what our tables were like back then. Your response is to be hostile, rude, and basically spit in our face.

Since that is your entire purpose then have at it.

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This is exactly how I feel. As I read the other posts I see so many options for OSR. Most are more in line with the 1e of D&D. I guess I compromise by playing Into the Unknown in that I’m really playing a lighter version of 5e with some OSR ideas thrown in. I guess that I’ll keep running games with the 5e light rules that encompass some OSR ideas. I DO know that I’d like to play in an OSR game. I haven’t done that yet.


That’s what I’d like to know. Actually, no I don’t. Honestly I think you’re just trolling now.
I’m sorry you can’t see my games of choice as anything other than a messy, nostalgia trip you can’t profit from. I don’t speak for everyone who plays these games but I assure you for many of us it’s far more than that.
I don’t judge people for the games they like or dislike, but I have a pretty solid idea of your character based on your behavior here; enough to know I’ll never support your artistic endeavors.

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That was me. I posted the thread. I didn’t mean to get anyone fired up. I pulled @pocketjacks into this thread because, as I read The Palace of the Golden Princess, it was a lot like the Into the Unknow ruleset I had which was my experience with OSR. I’m learning that there’s “purer” options out there. Will I try them, I’d like to. I honestly don’t know anyone who will play them with me. If I run across a group i’ll definitely try it. I’m totally going to try to run The Palace of the Golden Princess. I do love the art.


Thank you so much!

I profited from the discussion as it prompted me to reach out to OSE.

Merry Christmas!

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Check in the Looking For Players since I am looking for a couple of players for my long term campaign. It’s AD&D 2E.


I haven’t played any 0e D&D for a long time. But if I did, it would be as a psionic character.

To my memory, OSR was an interesting movement, and it seemingly lit a spark with the rule-lite crowd which has now flash-flamed into a whole conflagration which has entirely jumped the fence into the woods and now means many different things to different people.


Finished up a six month White Star campaign earlier this year. Which has lead to my brother and I working up a 3rd party planetary setting book for it to be released on DriveThru in the New Year.

Currently playing a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign based around the Colony of Death book from my brother. Then beginning this coming January, I’ll be running a Tall Tales B/X campaign.

So, yeah… me and my crew are really playing it, and developing product for it. :slight_smile:


I’ve heard on Questing Beast that Lamentations of the Flame Princess is somewhat “adult themed”. Would you say that’s correct?

Ugh… totally botched that, Otakar. Anyways, yeah it can be.

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What is it? Loosely, an attempt to resurrect game systems and play styles that existed before 1991, for which modern, compatible books by the publisher are not in print.
Does anyone really play it? I have direct knowledge of several people in OSE, LL, and S&W campaigns. And it doesn’t surprise me, because in college in 1994 I played in two AD&D campaigns, and one mega-session in which we played through Castle Amber using the classic D&D rules.


Great choice! It’s not my favorite old module, but it’s inspired by Clark Ashton Smith, my favorite writer.